Oh Goodness Me

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Category: Happiness

A 5 minute meditation to regain your power

“Power resides only where men believe it resides…” – George R. R. Martin Last weekend on a drive home from the markets, hubby and I were talking about lots of hippy stuff. We got onto the subject of energetic therapies. Specifically, whether or not we believed there was anything to them. My conclusion in the end ... Continue reading

On grief and preparation

  Grief is a tricky thing to talk about. Firstly because it’s different for everyone, and what I say might not ring true for you. Secondly because it’s something that has touched me fairly recently and changed my life more than I thought possible. That makes it quite hard to talk about for me. I ... Continue reading

How to meditate when you suck at meditating

The benefits of meditation are well documented, but it’s a hard practice to get into for some. There’s an old Zen saying: “You should meditate for 20 minutes a day. Unless you’re too busy, then you should meditate for an hour a day.” Or something like that. I imagine said ‘some’ are too busy, or ... Continue reading

The ocean washed me clean

“The ocean washed me clean.” Those were my thoughts as I left the kids on the shore with Jon and ventured out into the water on my own. A strange but welcome calm washed over my entire body and I exhaled. Heavily. The anxiety and stress that I normally feel in every cell of my ... Continue reading

I didn’t enjoy my holiday, but I’m kind of glad

A couple of weeks ago, my mum surprised me with all-expenses-paid weekend away down the coast at Werri Beach, with babysitting included. I was beyond excited to get away without the kids and just get some rest. Let my mind slow. I want to point out that I am so grateful to my mum for doing this ... Continue reading