Oh Goodness Me

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Category: Health

Could this root be the answer to your hayfever?

Spring is here! And while I’m rejoicing, many of you have already mentioned to me that you’re dreading enduring Spring because it’s when your hayfever hits. I’m lucky enough to not have to deal with it, but I can’t say I blame you – constant sneezing, itchy nose and eyes, headaches, snot. Yeah, sucks to ... Continue reading

I haven’t used pads or tampons in 12 months

I used to dread my period each month. The moods, the feeling icky, being reminded you have your period each time you go to the toilet, the having to change pads and tampons all day and night, the general crappiness of the whole situation. There was one thing that bothered me more than any of ... Continue reading

5 coffee alternatives to try this week

The last few weeks, I’ve been struggling with anxiety in a pretty big way. It’s not something I’ve had to deal with in a long while and it’s been awful. I might go into details at another time. But, for now, a little tidbit. I’ve noticed on the days I’ve had a coffee, my anxiety is ... Continue reading

I didn’t enjoy my holiday, but I’m kind of glad

A couple of weeks ago, my mum surprised me with all-expenses-paid weekend away down the coast at Werri Beach, with babysitting included. I was beyond excited to get away without the kids and just get some rest. Let my mind slow. I want to point out that I am so grateful to my mum for doing this ... Continue reading