Oh Goodness Me

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Molten Peanut Butter ‘n’ Jelly Brownies plus a giveaway!

You love chocolate, don’t you? Who doesn’t? Am I right? But if you’re anything like me, it leaves you with insane sugar cravings, horrible skin and a large amount of bloat. But you can have your cake and eat it too. That’s where the new The Chocolate Cookbook Vol 2 from I Quit Sugar comes in handy. The ... Continue reading

Probiotic Monkey Ice Cream Pops

My kids have been requesting ice blocks a fair bit with the warm weather, but the combinations have been getting a little boring. Last week I tried something new while they were at preschool and daycare and it turned out to be a bit hit! Bonus: these ice blocks are chockers full of good bacteria ... Continue reading

KFC-style paleo chicken nuggets

From what I can gather, everyone seems to love KFC. I did too when I was a kid. So long ago that KFC used to deliver. But I can’t stand the stuff these days. Still, people love it. Maybe it’s that the Colonel has a certain allure with his top-secret herbs and spices? Well… Sorry, ... Continue reading

Easy Peasy Coconut Yoghurt

I’ve recently been advised by my practitioner to cut out dairy and, I have to admit, it’s a struggle. Nectarines with cream is one of my favourite desserts. I love love love a Mexican bowl loaded with cheese and sour cream. And cappuccinos. Oh, I’m going to miss cappuccinos. But with eating all of these ... Continue reading